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Interoperable Communication with AtHoc Connect

AtHoc Connect empowers agencies to create a secure permission-based network, enabling interoperable crisis communication.

AtHoc Connect helps enable shared situational awareness with HQ or across networked organizations bridging all government and commercial entities and strengthening coordination when every second counts. AtHoc Connect helps meet specific government requirements outlined in H.R.615.

Enterprise-Wide Mass Communication

Notify anyone, anytime, on any device

  • Communicate via all channels (telephone, smartphone, networked computers, mobile devices), contact personnel across the entire organization with predefined procedures and bi-directional communications.
  • Alerts may also be sent to sirens, radios, fire panels, radio and TV systems, digital displays and similar mass communication devices.
  • Operators can target alerts based on roles, permissions or any organizational hierarchy.
  • Enables map-based geo-targeting with shared situational awareness, including incident location and relevant incident information.

Personnel Accountability

AtHoc Account enables real time visibility into personnel location and status for effective crisis management. AtHoc empowers commanders to determine which personnel are safe and which need immediate response.

AtHoc Mobile App

Enables anywhere, anytime networked crisis communication that lets personnel use their mobile device for event response

  • Speed assistance directly to the crisis – no matter where they are – with geo-tagged emergency alerts
  • Heighten event awareness among teams via rich media: video, images, text and maps
  • Get specific, actionable information – e.g., evacuation routes – via mobile alerts
  • Initiate geo-located duress alerts. They can even leverage photos and video to fully describe emergencies.

The Notifier Mobile App also lets first responders and emergency operators utilize mobile devices to:

  • Send geo-tagged duress alerts to first responder teams – anywhere, anytime, in a single click
  • Launch alerts – from any location – to all personnel or to specific, geo-targeted users or devices*
  • Submit a quick field report – or forward detailed incident information – directly to the operations center or management team
*Not applicable to DOD customers with systems behind firewalls.
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